DeLorean has announced that it will unveil its first electric car. Photo

DeLorean Motor Company, which currently owns the rights to the car brand, has been announcing for some time that it will launch an electric car. However, his plans seem to have been delayed for the last two years, but the wait may be nearing completion, as we now have the official date when we will see the new DeLorean car. A first image was provided with this announcement, and the new car seems to be very different from the original DeLorean from the ’80s.

When we see the first DeLorean car with an electric motor

DeLorean cars were not very successful at the time of launch, nor were they very much manufactured during the period when they were in production. There are currently several thousand cars still in operation, and DeLorean Motor Company, which is no longer controlled by the founding family, still offers parts for these cars, now considered “vintage.”

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The company says it will unveil a first concept car under the DeLorean brand this summer, on August 18, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The first image, which appears to be a 3D one, not a photograph of a real car, is very different from the shape of the original model. Instead of straight lines, we see a very rounded shape, much closer to modern sports cars.

With the first concept of the electric car, its name will be officially announced, which will probably enter a limited production sometime in the future. The design of the new car is made in partnership with Italdesign

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DeLorean electric

The reason the original car was so popular is its presence as a time machine in the Back to the Future movie series, in which Marty McFly and Doc Brown could travel past and future. There are multiple DeLorean cars that have been modified to look exactly like the movies of the ’80s, which are commonly used at public events, such as comics fairs or technology fairs.

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