Mikolaiv authorities warn of new Russian attacks with cluster bombs


The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Mikolaiv, Alexander Senkevich, denounced on Monday that Russian troops are carrying out new attacks on the town with cluster bombs.

“Cluster bombs again. Stay away from the windows. I will tell you all the information later,” the mayor reported on his Telegram channel, where he adds that, for the moment, no images are published to “not help the enemy “.

According to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, this is not the first time that the Russian Army has used cluster bombs in its attacks on Ukrainian cities despite the fact that this type of ammunition is prohibited.

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In fact, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, pointed out that the Russian Armed Forces have used cluster bombs in populated areas at least 24 times, although she reported the start of an investigation to find out if Ukraine has also used this type of weapon.

Mikolaiv has been the target of Russian attacks in recent days and, according to the president of the regional administration, Vitali Kim, at least eight people have died and about 30 have been injured in the latest Russian offensives in the area.

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Last week, a Russian shell hit a public administration building in Mikolaiv, leaving at least 35 dead. Among the missing is the president of the Belarusian Society, Tatiana Demenikova, who worked in the economics department of the regional administration, according to the Ukrainian press.

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