This new gaming chair has a fan on the back –

Among the many things unveiled at Computex 2023, Cougar showed off its new gaming chair on the show floor. While it may initially look like a joke chair, it is real and has a fan in the back of the chair.

As summer begins and we worry about our backs sticking to our chairs, the Cougar NxSys Aero looks like a tempting product. It doesn’t give you cooling everywhere, but the RGB fan is designed to give you “comfortable and focused” for hours on end. keeping.

In addition to the fan, Cougar has implemented a so-called “Air Bender” system, which uses mesh and a ventilated back to give you adaptive, cool cushioning. The chair starts at $399, but comes without a battery, meaning you’ll need your own USB power bank to get the thing running. But if you’re looking for a new chair, and one that helps beat the heat, it might be worth purchasing both the chair itself and a power bank.

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Thanks, Tom’s Hardware.

This new gaming chair has a fan on the back
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