Dacia Jogger, a controversial topic: how it became the “weakest” car and the safest at the same time

On paper, the Dacia Jogger is the safest car ever launched by the Mioveni manufacturer to date. In tests, however, the situation is significantly more complicated. The car has just received a single star from the European authority EuroNCAP, the lowest value for a Dacia.

About a week ago, there was a wave of information online that EuroNCAP had awarded a single star out of five for the safety of the new Dacia Jogger. The manufacturer’s argument at the time was that the independent testing authority had changed the way it scored. On the other side of the barricade, Dacia insists it is the safest car ever launched by the company.

Dacia Jogger, in a complicated situation

In Romania, you can buy a Dacia Jogger with 14,780 euros in the version with five seats and minimum equipment. The purchase price jumps to 18,500 euros in the version with 7 seats and SL Extreme equipment. The same car received a safety star, as can be seen in the screenshot above, because the seat belt warning is not available for the seats on the last row of seats of the seven-seater model. We are basically talking about the third line.

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Jogger is a car built on the same architecture as Sandero Stepway, a car that was tested last year and received two stars in the same tests. The reason why the grade dropped to one star is the absence of the above-mentioned warning system.

Dacia has a very clear argument for the one-star rating and insists that this is its safest car. “It simply came to our notice then. We did not implement a third-seat seat belt warning system, because when you want to fold down the seats, some electronic functions should be disconnected and reconnected, “said Marc Suss, Dacia’s vice president of engineering. of Coach UK.

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“It’s not what we call essential. We have chosen to keep everything simple for our customers. Every time we launch a new car on the market, this car is the safest Dacia ever created. The jogger is much safer than the Logan and other cars. Even compared to most brands on the market, we offer cars with a high level of safety features, ”the official concluded.

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