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Dacia, an unprecedented victory: everything starts from Germany, it turned the whole market upside down


Dacia seems to be immune to the semiconductor crisis, to the conflict in Ukraine, to a series of geopolitical phenomena. The manufacturer from Mioveni is doing well and is enjoying an impressive performance in most of the markets in which it operates.

A few days after enjoying an impressive performance in Great Britain, Dacia registers a remarkable victory in the largest car market in Europe, Germany. When it comes to year-on-year growth, in a market that has grown by only 3%, the Mioveni manufacturer has enjoyed an impressive 100% growth.

Dacia, victory after victory

Like Polestar and Tesla, Dacia enjoys a growth that is totally inconsistent with the entire German car market. In fact, February continued to return to the market after a disastrous 2021 year, mainly due to the semiconductor crisis and less due to the pandemic.

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As a reference, in February 2022, Dacia enjoyed 4039 cars registered in Germany, an increase of 123.8% compared to the same period in 2021. In total, in the first two months, we are talking about 8030 Romanian cars registered in the most Europe’s largest car market. As a percentage, after the first two months, the Mioveni manufacturer already enjoys an annual advance of 116.2%, even if it does not necessarily have an impressive market share, only 2% in February and 1.7% for the first two months. .

Otherwise, the German market seems to be dominated by Polestar, with an increase of 250%, but only 364 registered cars. Tesla, on the other hand, with an increase of 209%, manages to surpass Dacia in terms of the number of registered units, 5994.

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Until recently, Volkswagen was the absolute leader in Germany and, although it maintains its first position in the ranking, it fell by 8 percent, while Ford lost 11.7% year on year, and BMW fell by 5 percent. ,4%. Opel lost 6% in the same unit of time.

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