CT to launch several competitions for Wild Rift

The competitive structure of League of Legends: Wild Rift in Spain is booming. One more split, the title of Riot Games is part of the Storm Circuit with various tournament formats for all profiles, with the aim that the entire community can participate and experience the competition from a secure environment.

The Wild Leaguehas included a new feature for 2023. In addition to the prize pool, the champion team will be assured of a direct place in the group stage of The Wild Circuit: Rift Legendsinternational tournament that will take place from March 2 to December 10 and will distribute 31,500 in prizes. The Season 1of this competition, will be played between the March 2 and May 7with a prize of 10.500€. The Wild Leagueis also integrated as the first division within the Wild Rift Hextech Serieswhich, as in previous editions, the 43 current participants have been distributed, according to the Average ELO of the teams, in three levels of difficulty with a promotion and relegation system.

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Community tournaments for all players.

With the aim of enhancing the competitive experience of the community of. Wild Riftare also being organized Community Tournamentsdesigned so that all players can compete in their favorite games under the official certification of the Storm Circuit.

The last Wild Rift Community Tournament was held this past weekend, the Piltover Cupwhich came from the hand of Xampialgemesiofficial streamer of the Wild League this 2022/23 season, and could be followed through his Twitch channel.

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The 2022/23 season of the Storm Circuit is possible thanks to the support of Riot Games, Red Bull, Intel and Omen, PcComponents y Samsung SSD.

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