Jim Henson had a green Lotus named Kermit –

Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog are two instantly recognizable names today. American puppeteer and perhaps his most famous creation, the pair have been entertainment titans since the 1970s and have remained iconic nearly 30 years after Henson’s sad demise.

But while many are familiar with the green frog, you may not be aware of henson’s green car of the same name. As a recent report by Hagerty has pointed out and revealed, the puppeteer was actually given a green Lotus Eclat in 1978, known as Kermit the Car.

The reason seemed to be Lotus trying to expand its name and reputation, and to fit the puppeteer and what made him famous, Lotus had the car painted the same color of the felt frog. The headlights of the car that surfaced even made the car look like the frog.

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The reason why many are probably unaware of the car is because, according to The Jim Henson Company, it was never actually delivered to the puppeteer and was instead stolen and used for a bank robbery and then never found.

Anyway, you can check out the car here in Hagerty’s article.

Jim Henson had a green Lotus named Kermit

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