Corite wants to pay you for helping save the music industry –

Have you ever listened to an indie musical artist or band and wished you could support them as they begin their career in the music business? If so, the Swedish platform, Corite, is the perfect place to do just that.

Designed as a way to better support artists (as previously reported by the UK Competition and Markets Authority that as a result of the revenue split, an artist with a million Spotify streams a month earns only about £12,000), Corite allows artists to set up campaigns, which fans can get back at a price like a Kickstarter. The difference is that if the song or album ends up performing as well, or better than the artist expects, fans get a share of the revenue it generates, while Corite only takes 10% of the profits for itself.

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Any campaign on Corite will also see songs published and distributed through Apple Music, Spotify, TikTok and other platforms, meaning it will be widely available, and to make it easier, Corite will handle all the payouts to be made to artists and fans.

It is also mentioned that Corite will be looking for blockchain elements and even NFT fan campaigns, all in an effort to cement itself as a play-to-earn leader in the music industry.

Corite wants to pay you for helping save the music industry

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