Copied from TikTok, YouTube Shorts will also start showing ads, contributing to Google revenue

Like Facebook, Google has rushed to launch its own TikTok alternative, sticking it to one of the most popular content services in its portfolio. After being promoted using all the resources available to Google, YouTube Shorts must now make a profit, delivering ads to users attracted to short videos.

Google is confirming that it will start inserting video ads between YouTube Shorts, formalizing the small-scale experiment conducted last year. Thus, the advertising partners were informed last week about the new advertising offer, YouTube Shorts having a special attraction due to the much faster “cadence” of the videos watched. Simply put, instead of watching a single YouTube clip for tens of minutes, you can go through YouTube Shorts productions at the rate of one clip per minute, plus commercials.

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Google Ads Vice President and CEO Jerry Dischler said in a blog post that launching ads is an exciting step for advertisers and also a key step in the company’s path to developing a long-term monetization solution for YouTube. Shorts for creators. YouTube administrators also confirm that although they decided to show ads among the videos uploaded to the platform, no quota has been set for content creators.

“Instead, we will continue to reward thousands of creators and artists every month through the YouTube Shorts Fund, while developing a long-term model for monetizing creators in Shorts.”

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Important to know, the ads prepared for the Shorts platform are as direct as the content for which you enter the platform, meaning that each clip comes with the promotion of a product and a direct link to buy it, in the idea that the target audience will be persuaded to act impulse, without too much time to think. By comparison, the ads associated with YouTube videos are more for the services and products presented in more detail.

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