VIDEO: Shocking road accident caught on camera. A footballer’s Mercedes turned ‘rocket’

Video footage of a Kia Soul being thrown into the air by a wheel blown off a nearby vehicle on the motorway recently made waves on the internet. A few days ago, another shocking road accident happened in Belgium.

A Mercedes-Benz hit a roundabout in Flemalle, Belgium. Due to the high speed at which it was travelling, the vehicle was thrown into a nearby gym. After flying more than 20 metres, the car went through the wall and the hole was made about 5 metres above the ground.

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The driver of the car ended up in hospital. Fortunately, the girls, from a basketball team, who were practicing in the gym escaped unharmed. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera in the area.

Inside the gym after the accident.

The Belgian press reports that the driver of the car is 25-year-old professional footballer Sofian Kiyine of the Louvain team. The sportsman is now out of danger. However, his career could be over as he has suffered numerous fractures.

Sofian Kiyine, of Moroccan origin, was also a car stuntman.

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