Classic YouTuber duo Smosh reunited -.

If you were around back in the early days of YouTube, you probably know about Smosh. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla used to not have to do much to earn millions of views, but 18 years later they are still going with content and have just reunited to buy back the Smosh brand.

The two announced the move in a new YouTube video that garnered millions of views in less than a day. They acquired a majority stake in Smosh from its owner, Mythical Entertainment, which bought the company in 2019.

Mythical is owned by another pair of YouTubers Rhett and Link, who remain on good terms with Hecox and Padilla. Smosh returns to producing comedic skits on the YouTube channel, which Hecox had been running solo since 2017.

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Did you used to be a Smosh fan?

Classic YouTuber duo Smosh reunited

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