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Cheaper by the Dozen reinvents itself and does not forget about political correctness: the reboot trailer, released


Walt Disney Studios has released the official trailer for the new “Cheaper by the Dozen”, starring Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union. The film aims to reinvent the 2003 success of 20th Century Fox.

Recall that Disney acquired Fox in early 2019, and announced in August of that year that it plans to reinvent “Cheaper by the Dozen.” In fact, the 2003 version is not the first either. In 1950, “Cheaper by the Day” saw the light of day for the first time, with a screenplay adapted from a book written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr. and his brother, Ernestine Gilbreth Carey.

The 2003 film starred Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt as Hillary Duff, Alyson Stoners and Liliana Mumy. It was directed by Shawn Levy. The story revolves around a family of 12 children and their parents trying to keep order in a house where chaos reigns.

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“Cheaper by the Dozen”, the reinvented version, will premiere on Disney + on March 18, 2022

The trailer, which can be seen below, features Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union as Paul and Zoey Baker and reveals to the audience the life of a family of 10 children. Producer Gail Lerner directs the film, aided by a screenplay written by Kenya Barris and Jenifer Rice-Genzuk.

Changing the number of children in the family is just one of many changes in the way the Baker family has been portrayed. The trailer shows an interracial family, unlike the first two screenings, in which the characters were all white.

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It seems clear that writers and directors have done their best to bring the element of diversity into “The Cheaper by the Dozen” and to display a family that has nothing to do with the traditional and the old. It remains to be seen whether the humor will live up to the standards expected by fans.

The new “Cheaper by the Dozen” will be released on March 18, 2022, on Disney +.

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