Fizzics Draftpour Beer Tap turns an ordinary beer into a nitro-style tap –

Cans are convenient. We all know that. But convenience doesn’t beat getting a drink from a tap, and that’s even more the case with beer. Fortunately, the company Fizzics has created a solution known as the Draftpour Beer Tap, where this is a device that can turn any canned beer into a beer on tap, simply by running it through the tap system.

To get it to work, all you have to do is connect the device via USB power, fill it with a can or bottle of beverage (and we mean literally put the bottle or can as a whole into the machine, and then just pull the tap and you have beer on tap at … well, tap.

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If this is something that piques your interest, you can order a Draftpour Beer Tap today, in one of four colors, and costs £119.

Fizzics Draftpour Beer Tap turns a regular beer into a nitro-style tap

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