ChatGPT now remembers what you discuss -.

OpenAI has announced that it is improving its artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, so that it remembers the conversations and discussions you have with it. The new memory tool is said to be coming, so you can have more useful conversations where you don’t have to repeat yourself as often to the AI.

Many are no doubt concerned about what this means for the AI recording your conversations, but OpenAI has assured that the AI’s memory will be completely under your control and that you can tell it to forget conversations or manually delete things in the settings. There is also an option to disable memory functions altogether.

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Memory systems are said to improve over time. ChatGPT has given a few examples, including that the AI remembers how you want notes taken and structured, it will track information about your favorite coffee shop or restaurant and base recommendations from that data, it can help create more effective lesson plans for teachers, or even remember something a child likes so that when you ask them to make a birthday card, that object will be highlighted.

However, OpenAI also stated: “We may use content you provide to ChatGPT, including reminders, to improve our models for everyone. If you want, you can disable this through your Data Management.”

Will you put ChatGPT’s memory functions to the test?

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ChatGPT now remembers what you discuss

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