The angry kitten with two casts died and we are not okay –

The world was devastated after Tater Tot, a sick kitten known for his angry face and the two casts he wore on his front legs, sadly passed away.

Tater Tot was only a day old when he broke the Internet, as people followed his journey to hopefully see the day when he can walk on all fours. His rescuer, Ash Houghton, explained that he had been sick for a week which caused his energy to dwindle.

Because he was too small to have tests done on him, it was hard to say what was actually wrong with Tater Tot, but he was being treated for pneumonia. He died on Aug. 2. Houghton urged fans to continue donating to their local shelters and said she would take some time off to grieve.

Angry kitten with two casts died and we're not okay

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