ChatGPT is losing momentum: AI chatbot “suffers” from the summer doldrums

(Bild: Adobe Firefly)

(Bild: Adobe Firefly)

ChatGPT global traffic (mobile and desktop) is up between May and June 9.7 percent dropped, as Similarweb reports. Since the launch of the AI ​​chatbot in November 2022, OpenAI has been setting new growth records every month – until today.

After 9 months of constant growth, it’s over now

In February, the product even broke the record as “the fastest growing consumer application,” according to analysts at UBS Bank. While TikTok took nine months to reach the mark of 100 million users to reach and Instagram even needed 2.5 years, ChatGPT managed it in just two months.

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9 months after publication, the high flight is over for the first time.

(Image: Similarweb)

(Image: Similarweb)

The reason for the drop in traffic may be the summer holidays, as the chatbot is a popular tool among high school and university students.

Many people have also just been messing around with the AI ​​chatbot and may not have returned. Also, OpenAI only offers access to the older and less powerful GPT 3.5 Turbo language model for free.

For the more powerful GPT-4 is a Subscription necessary. OpenAI investor Microsoft, on the other hand, offers GPT-4 for free via Bing Chat, provided you use the Edge browser.

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Despite this, ChatGPT still attracts more users than Bing, which remains the second most popular chatbot in the world and specializes in web search. Despite the decline, OpenAI continues to record significantly above 1.5 billion visitors per month.

Do you use ChatGPT regularly or maybe even subscribed to the more powerful GPT-4? For which purposes and tasks is it particularly useful for you? Or do you not see any great benefit in the AI ​​chatbot and do without it? Tell us in the comments what the chatbot brought you or why you don’t use it.

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