Castillo assures that “they cannot bend me” and reproaches the “coup forces” for their attempts to remove him from office

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo criticized Saturday the morale of congressmen pushing for a possible presidential impeachment and charged against these “coup forces,” whom he compared to the Spanish troops who confronted the independence forces at the Battle of Junin in 1824.

“The patriotic forces that are today in the field we continue fighting and battling against those royalist forces that today have become coup forces of the true democracy of the country to which we are going to continue fighting. Those coup forces that do not have the courage to ask for the vacancy in a town square, but do it from their seats”, he reproached, according to RPP radio station.

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Castillo has also raised the call for a “national crusade” to defend democracy and his election at the polls in April 2021 against congressmen of dubious morals.

“What morals do they have to talk about diplomacy when they take away this constitutional right from us, what morals do those who sold weapons to the FARC in Colombia have of democracy, what morals do those who loaded and carried drugs in the presidential plane have,” he said.

In addition, Castillo took the opportunity to renew his support to the head of the Cabinet, Aníbal Torres, and stressed the importance of the swearing in on Friday of part of a “renewed cabinet”.

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Likewise, Castillo has affirmed that he is willing to make an effort and reach out “one last time” so that the political forces can join this “wave of democracy.” “They cannot bend me. They can’t create ghosts of corruption by weakening and gestating with pamphlets and creating headlines on screens to take me away from my people. They will not do it and I will not allow it too,” he stressed.

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