Captain James T. Kirk returns to the Star Trek universe: what actor will take William Shatner’s place in Strange New Worlds

Star Trek has reinvented itself, over time, many times, each time differently, to the delight or, conversely, the dissatisfaction of franchise fans.

The newest Trek production, “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” promises to be what others, lately, have failed. Let’s be honest, perhaps the biggest disappointment for fans in recent years has been the much-discussed “Discovery”, the series that mutilated (figuratively, but literally) the Klingon race, if that were still possible.

Later, on the small screens, he made his debut “Star Trek: Picard”, a series that managed, to some extent, to wash away the “shame” of “Discovery”. Obviously, the series in which Captain Jean Luc Picard returns, along with Diana Troi, William Riker, Guinan, Seven of Nine, Q and Data, was not necessarily appreciated for the quality of the back story, but rather in terms of the nostalgia factor. . In other words, of your own free will, you are obliged to like “Star Trek Picard” because otherwise you would be embarrassed by the characters who made history in your childhood.

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“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” brings Captain James T. Kirk back to the forefront

Fans hope that with the release of the new series, the story will return to what it once was. In this regard, the producers are once again focusing on Captain James T. Kirk, originally played by the legendary William Shatner, later by Chris Pine.

According to a fairly recent announcement, Kirk returns, this time played by actor Paul Wesley, whom fans of another niche might remember from “The Vampire Diaries”.

In fact, upon hearing the news, Shatner also posted a message on Twitter, in which he wished his successor success, urging him to take care of the ship and its crew.

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“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” is set to be released on May 5, 2022, on Paramount +.

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