Capitol assault committee claims Trump followed it on Fox News and “did nothing to stop it”

The House committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill has accused Trump Thursday of being at the center of a multi-pronged conspiracy to overturn his defeat to Biden in the 2020 election contest.

The committee has presented audio and video evidence, as well as live testimony from two former White House officials, delving into Trump’s inaction during a crucial three-hour-plus gap between the end of his pre-riot rally near the White House and his eventual Twitter call for the crowd to go home.

Trump could have been the “only person” with the power to stop the invasion, “and he chose not to,” a committee aide has told reporters as picked up by U.S. broadcaster CNBC.

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In this regard, Representative Elaine Luria, Democrat from Virginia and member of the committee, has assured that Trump was taken back to the White House after his speech and stated that “within 15 minutes of leaving the stage,” a White House aide told Trump that the Capitol was under attack.

On the other hand, Sarah Matthews, Trump’s former deputy press secretary, has testified that the former president could have made a statement to Americans and stopped the violence “almost instantly” if he had wanted to. She also testified that Trump was reluctant to send a message of peace to the rioters, as reported by CNN.

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