Google Photos will have a dedicated shortcut for screenshots

Although it comes set to automatically sync all the images on your phone to the Cloud space, Google Photos doesn’t distinguish between camera shots and ordinary screenshots, with screenshots appearing in the same content stream as regular photos.

The new shortcut is already available to Android users of the Google Photos app, and it works like this: when you long-press the app icon on your home screen or app list, you’ll see a pop-up menu with more shortcuts. – One of these is the new “Screenshots” option.

Enabling the shortcut takes you directly to the screenshots section, ignoring the photo collection associated with your Google Photos account. The list of features goes even further with the addition of a filter mode that allows you to check off photos and videos from a particular day.

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Under the new organisation mode, screenshots appear as if they’re in a separate folder, making it much easier to manage and navigate later.

We can only assume that the real reasons for Google’s change are also objective, such as users’ reluctance to take screenshots, anticipating that those images will be immediately included in the photo collection, thus becoming more visible to people who are not necessarily part of the “intended audience”.

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