Buffy is coming back: why Sarah Michelle Gellar quit acting and what “supernatural” show she’ll star in

Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress who played Buffy in the show of almost the same name, has spoken about the break from acting she took after the death of Robin Williams.

“I’ve been working all my life. When we had kids, and this was right after Robin died, so much happened in my life and I said, ‘I need to take a break,'” “Buffy” told People.

Gellar and Williams worked on a CBS-branded sitcom between 2013 and 2014 called The Crazy Ones. The David E. Kelley production ran for one season on the network and would be Robin Williams’ final television role.

“I had to be there for those early formative years of my children,” she added. “I needed that break to be the parent I wanted to be for them,” the actress added.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has two children with her husband, actor Freddie Prinze Jr, named Charlotte Grace (12) and Rocky James (9). But as her children are grown now, Gellar has seized the opportunity and announced she will return to the set to star in a new series called Wolf Pack.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has plans for the future

According to Deadline, Gellar has reportedly joined Paramount+’s supernatural series set in the Teen Wolf universe. So, the actress who played the famous Buffy the Vampire Slayer will not only star in the series, but also be an executive producer.

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Wolf Pack is based on the book series written by Edo Van Belkom and follows the story of two teenagers whose lives are changed forever when a California fire awakens a rather terrifying supernatural creature to life.

Gellar will play investigator Kristin Ramsey, a highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to tragedy, brought in by the authorities to catch the teenager who started the fire that may have also led to the awakening of a ferocious predator.

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