At least three dead in a knife attack in central Israel

The European Union condemns the “terrorist” attack and calls for an end to the violence


At least three people have died and eight others have been injured this Thursday, coinciding with Israel’s Independence Day, as a result of an attack with a knife perpetrated in the city of Elad, in the central district of the same name, as reported by the medical services.

Several of the injured are in serious condition, the situation of one of them is critical, according to the hospital to which he was transferred, the newspaper ‘Times of Israel’ reported.

According to witnesses, two men lunged at passers-by in a city park. One of them was carrying a knife and another what appeared to be a pistol, although it has been ruled out that shots were fired.

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The Police have deployed a special operation, erecting barricades and including a helicopter to locate the vehicle with which, according to witnesses, the assailants fled the area.

The assault has been applauded by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Islamic Jihad, who have described it as “a heroic operation” in retaliation for the latest events in the Esplanade of the Mosques.

“Our people will continue their struggle and their defense of the Al Aqsa Mosque with all means. Their attacks will hit the Zionists and settlers wherever they are,” said Hamas spokesman Abd al Latif al Qanou.

Islamic Jihad has also expressed itself along these lines, describing this as a “heroic operation” as a response to “the red lines” that the “gangs of settlers” dared to cross when they “desecrated” the Al Aqsa Mosque.

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For its part, the European Union has condemned the attack, which it has described as “terrorist” and has sent its condolences to the victims, to whom it has wished a speedy recovery, and to their families.

“The European Union stands with Israel and its people at this difficult time. This violence must stop. The European Union remains firmly committed to preventing and combating terrorism,” he said in a statement.

The place has been the scene of a rise in tensions since April, when the celebrations of Ramadan, Holy Week and Jewish Passover coincided, in the midst of a reinforcement of security operations by Israel after the attacks carried out in March. , which left a fortnight dead.

As a consequence, the Army has intensified its operations in the West Bank, carrying out a series of raids that have only clouded the spirits and provoked a series of confrontations that have left at least thirty Palestinian citizens dead.

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