Apple’s realityOS may be announced soon. The company seems to have already registered a trademark for this name

New evidence suggests that Apple will officially announce realityOS, the operating system dedicated to virtual reality and augmented reality devices. It’s no secret that the American manufacturer has been working on AR glasses and a VR device for several years now, and now the company seems to have registered a dedicated trademark for realityOS, under a fake company name. The available clues suggest that we may learn something about rOS very soon at WWDC.

realityOS will be the operating system for AR and VR devices from Apple

WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual conference for software developers for its platforms, and where we usually see the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and other operating systems, will take place next week, starting June 6th. We expect to hear about iOS 16 in particular, but realityOS could be the announcement that will capture the discussion around this conference.

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Parker Ortolani, product manager at Vox Media (a group that also includes The Verge), posted on his Twitter account two links and two screenshots, in which a seemingly “anonymous” company, Realityo Systems LLC, records brand for realityOS, an operating system dedicated to mobile electronic devices. Given that both the AR glasses and the VR device from Apple are to be included in the category of “wearables”, there is a good chance that this will be the first official mention of the new operating system from Apple, which could work through a new company to cover their tracks.

In fact, Apple has previously registered names for macOS under Yosemite Research LLC in the past, so there is a precedent. The registered realityOS logo also uses the San Francisco font, previously used by Apple in several products.

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The documents for the registration of the realityOS trademark also suggest that on June 8, the company will register this trademark in other countries, outside the USA. June 8 would also mark the end of the WWDC.

Leak suggests that Apple will not announce a hardware device compatible with the new software yet

However, experts and analysts on everything that Apple means, such as Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, say that an announcement for a VR device would not take place at WWDC. This does not prevent the company from announcing the software base for such a device. Two years ago, the company announced that macOS would run on ARM processors and launched a Mac Mini-like device that integrates iPad hardware as a development platform, without announcing an official Mac with an ARM processor. The announcement of the hardware came a few months later.

Thus, Apple could announce realityOS and use already available hardware, such as iPhones that can be introduced in “cardboard VR” devices as a test platform for the final product, which could come later.

source: Engadget

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