ChatGPT continues writing One Piece manga

One Piece has been running since 1997 and only set a new world record in 2022: over 500,000,000 volumes sold by a single person. The story is well thought out, of course Eiichiro Oda insists on asking ChatGPT for story ideas.

Chopper and the Shadow King

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Oda-sensei asked ChatGPT to create him an interesting story for the next chapter – however, this did not satisfy the mangaka.

The AI ​​suggested a story centered around Chopper, the humanoid reindeer and doctor of the pirate gang, who was led by a king of shadows is kidnapped. The focus of the story should be Nico Robin, who, as an archaeologist, is the shrewdest member of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates. Personally, I would have loved a Nico Robin-focused episode.

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Please new, with more aliens

Oda asked ChatGPT to come up with a more interesting plot – and lo and behold: the next pitch convinced him.

ChatGPT spun a story about an alien secretly infiltrating the Straw Hat Pirates. An evil witch destroyed his planet. It’s perfectly clear that Luffy’s gang are helping their extraterrestrial friend restore the planet.

At the end, Oda-sensei, who’s always up for some silliness with his franchise, says thank you with one That’s exactly how I’m going to do it!. Whether he will implement the story of ChatGPT? I am excited!

Aliens are actually not new to One Piece. After Luffy’s victory over the god Enel in an early arc of the story, he lands on the moon in a flying ark – and actually meets aliens there. Whether ChatGPT One Piece probably read?

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Quelle: Shueisha

Quelle: Shueisha

Want more aliens? Peter has 5 sci-fi books up his sleeve that he recommends to every game fan:

By the way, our colleagues from GamePro ChatGPT asked what the One Piece actually is. The answer is very surprising.

Writing books with an AI, a YouTuber put it to the test. In addition, the American book market on Amazon in particular is flooded with books tapped by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT continues to write One Piece, an epic that contains almost 1,100 chapters and is as well thought out as any other story. In terms of content, one could even accommodate the AI ​​idea. Do you think the mangaka will do it? Do you know One Piece or even read/watch it? What do you think of books written by ChatGPT? Let us know!

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