An Instagram Kid’s Hair Reveals ‘Uncombable Hair Syndrome’

Little Locklan Samples’ social network account exceeds 27,000 followers

The social media They have viralized a strange pathology thanks to crazy hair of a boy from Georgia.

In the summer of 2021, Katelyn Samplesmother of a little boy named locklanpublished a photograph of your baby ten months in Instagram and received a message from an unknown user that alarmed him: “Has your child been diagnosed with the ‘uncombable hair syndrome’?”.

Due to the message, the 33-year-old girl immediately went to the child’s pediatrician for more information about it. The syndrome was so rare that they had to take him to Atlanta, capital of the state of Georgia, where a specialist confirmed that her son had ‘uncombable hair syndrome’ and she freaked out.

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“At first, you see ‘syndrome’ and you think, is my baby suffering?” declared her mother on the program ‘Good Morning America’. But luckily, Katelyn You can be calm about your child’s health, since scientists say that it is a painless disorder that does not compromise the patient’s health.

Characteristics of the pathology

According to him Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD for its initials in English), the ‘uncombable hair syndrome’ is a rare anomaly characterized by “dry, curly, light brown or blonde hair that projects outwards, and grows in different directions, being virtually impossible to comb.”

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The same center also reports that symptoms of ‘uncombable hair syndrome’ “generally improve or disappear spontaneously with the age, no need for treatmentat the start of the puberty“.

Viral on Instagram

After learning of the diagnosis, Locklan’s parents opened an Instagram account (@uncombable_locks), which has made the syndrome known to the entire community. In the profile, which is followed by more than 27,000 users, you can see images of little Locklan with his crazy blonde hair.

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