Pamela Anderson, as you’ve never seen her before: from the beach in Baywatch, directly on Broadway

In the ’90s, Pamela Anderson made a sensation in “Baywatch”, a series about “sculpted” lifeguards that caught on quite well in Romania.

Later, the actress went into a certain shadow cone, although her name has not completely disappeared from newspapers and magazines. Evidently, his subsequent fame never pleased Anderson, who was most often associated with more or less true gossip.

Pamela Anderson changes the “switch” and debuts on Broadway

Pamela Anderson is about to make her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the lead role of the famous musical “Chicago”. Actress and model in the 1990’s, Anderson returned to the public’s attention recently after the release of the limited Hulu series, “Pam & Tommy”, which follows the story of her and her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, as well as the traumatic legal struggles that followed. after the release of the tape in which the two could be seen having sex. Pamela Anderson said she did not agree that “Pam & Tommy” should come true.

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Anderson previously announced her involvement in a Netflix documentary about her life, which is meant to fix what has ruined Hulu.

The star became known after being named “Playmate of the Month”, February 1990, in the adult magazine “Playboy”. Later, it was distributed in “Baywatch” and “Barb Wire”, which brought it recognition among series lovers around the world.

Immediately after the publication of the controversial tape, Pamela Anderson’s career began to decline. Although she was cast in certain roles, she never made it to Hollywood, in the “big league”, being marked by her past, seasoned with a lot of criticism of her personal life.

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The musical “Chicago” is currently one of the most popular on Broadway, which could resurrect, to some extent, the career of the 54-year-old actress.

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