Mexican Army seizes close to a ton of cocaine in southern Mexico

The Mexican Army has seized 926 kilograms of cocaine in the town of Tuxtla Chico, in the southern state of Chiapas.

On Monday night, members of the country’s Armed Forces launched a chase against three pickup trucks driving at high speed along a road near the border with Guatemala, the newspaper ‘Milenio’ has learned.

The military, after the vehicles were abandoned, found cardboard boxes containing 899 packages with 926 kilograms of cocaine, as well as 120 kilograms of a precursor chemical.

The Army has handed over the boxes to the corresponding authorities for further investigation, reports the aforementioned media outlet.

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In the black market of the city of Tapachula, the seized drugs would have a value of 20 million dollars. However, if it were to reach the north of the country, the profits would increase by 30 percent, according to local media ‘Diario del Sur’.

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