An adviser to Boris Johnson resigns after disagreeing with the defamation of Starmer

MADRID, Feb. 3 (Royals Blue) –

The political adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, Munira Mirza, has submitted her resignation from the post after disagreeing with a series of statements by the British president in which he defamed the leader of the Labor party, Keir Starmer.

The prime minister criticized Starmer because, according to him, when Labor was in charge of the Office of the Prosecutor, he spent “most of his time” “prosecuting journalists” and left serial sex offender Jimmy Savile unprosecuted.

In this context, Mirza has presented his resignation letter, which has been published in ‘The Spectator’, in which he remarks that it is “desperately sad” to see how the prime minister is “defrauded” by this type of “defamatory accusation” to the leader of the opposition.

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“You are a better man than many of your detractors will ever understand,” said Mirza, who was once an adviser to Johnson when he was mayor of the British capital.

“There was no fair or reasonable basis for that statement. This was not the usual give and take of politics; it was an inappropriate and partisan reference to a horrendous case of child sexual abuse,” the former adviser to the prime minister has transferred.

For his part, Johnson today corrected his words and clarified that Starmer “had nothing to do directly with those decisions”, however this has not served to make Mirza reconsider his decision.

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According to the adviser, she would have invited Johnson to, in addition to rectifying his statement, apologize for the “misleading impression” that could have been generated.

This resignation comes at a difficult time for Johnson as he faces criticism from both his party and the opposition over the Downing Street party scandal during the UK lockdown.

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