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25 killed and more than 30 injured after bus and truck collide in Egypt


At least 25 people have died and more than 30 have been injured on Tuesday after a collision between a public bus and a truck on the outskirts of the Egyptian town of Malawi, in the south of the country, without the causes of the accident being known at the moment.

The bus, which was heading from Asiut to Cairo with 45 people on board, has hit the back of the truck, which was stopped on the shoulder of the Northern Desert Road, which connects the provinces of Upper Egypt with the capital of the country.

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Sources quoted by the Egyptian daily ‘Al Ahram’ have indicated that the truck had stopped to change one of its wheels, without any statement from the authorities. Ten ambulances were sent to the area to transport the injured.

Egypt has a high rate of traffic fatalities, partly due to the state of the roads and violations of traffic laws, although the authorities have increased efforts to improve infrastructure and the numbers have fallen in recent years.

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