Amazon UNIVERSITY Grand National Final

The premier collegiate esports league, Amazon UNIVERSITY Esportswill have the participation of 12 universities from all over the country and they will compete for the National Grand Final of the eighth edition. The educational and technological project is supported by brands such as Intel and Omen and publishers as Riot Gameswhich accompany students and help them discover the different professional profiles offered by video games.

The face-to-face celebration of the finals consists of some coexistence days where students from multiple universities from all over Spain will share experiences thanks to video games. During the Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th Aprilstudents will have the opportunity to travel to Alicante and compete in the finals of their respective games, fighting to become champions and qualify for a prize pool of up to 15.000€.

The National Grand Final from Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports will take place at the facilities of GGTech Entertainmentthe competition’s organizing company, headquartered in Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana.

Participating universities and teams

Participants in the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Grand National Final will face off in five different disciplines: League of Legends, Rocket League, VALORANT, Clash Royale and Teamfight Tactics.. In each game there are two finalist universities:

  • At League of Legendsthe team of the UCAM Tokiers Academy will face the Eagles UDGfrom the University of Girona. Both teams reach the final after winning the semifinals 2-0.
  • At Rocket Leaguethe Hornets UPM 2from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and the Owls UPC. from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, will face each other to find out who will be the champion.
  • At VALORANTagain the Owls UPC will have to fight against the KnightsURJCof the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, for the championship.
  • At Clash Royale, the University of Alicante will be represented by its player “John77_cr”which is one of the finalists along with “YT_12”of the University of Murcia. Both contenders arrive after winning 2-1 in the semifinals.
  • At Teamfight Tactics, Stingrays UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia), Wyverns USJ (St. George’s University), Skulls UCM (Complutense University of Madrid), Bulls UCLM (University of Castilla-La Mancha), Archangels UCAM (Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia) and Falcons UGR (University of Granada) have one player each to represent their university in the final of this discipline, with the exception of UPM Hornets (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), which has 2 players.
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Full experience

A Riot Games fanzonethrough the Storm Circuitin which the students participating in the Grand Finals of the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports will be able to enjoy Mupy and take group photos, the game of the tossing of the blossom and the painting game. They will also have the opportunity to attend one of the talks given by Enrique García Cortésresponsible for Ga11yproject of ONCE Foundation on accessibility in Video Games.

In addition, there will be a visit to the facilities of both GGTechto teach the different departments that make up a video game and technology company and the different professional profiles that make it up, as well as of the Ciudad de la Luz film studios.

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Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports

It is the premier collegiate esports league, with a presence in. 16 countries on 4 continents. The 8th Season of the project in Spain counts with the participation of more than 370 teams from 76 universities and the support of top brands such as Amazon, Intel and Omen and publishers such as Riot Games. The project is a container of experiences for students, offering them the opportunity to live a real competitive experience adapted to their needs, while also promoting the talent, innovation capacity and creativity related to the esports-gaming environment, as well as to contribute to the training of students.

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