Marketing & Gaming Ibiza Edition goes to the “final boss” in its first edition

Just a few days ago, the first edition of Marketing & Gaming Ibiza Edition concluded with a resounding success on the incredible island of Ibiza. This event, which was a milestone in bringing together marketing and videogame professionalswas held on October 26th and exceeded all expectations.

Organized by Play the Game Agencyknown for its expertise in the video games and digital entertainment sector, Marketing & Gaming Ibiza Edition attracted a select audience of 50 guests from the leading brands in their respective sectors.. Brands such as La Liga, Riot Games, Visa, Epic Games, Xiaomi, EA, Dia, El Pozo, Finetwork, Iberia Express, G2A.COM, Asus, Simyoamong others. Professionals from marketing, advertising and the video game industry gathered to learn from experts in publishing, broadcasting, new social networks, media, promotions, metrics and esports.

The event sought to transmission of knowledge and total interaction among attendees.but in a casual and disruptive way, far away from the conventionalism of summits and congresses. Format very well valued and accepted by all attendees.

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In addition to offering networking and interesting talks, the first edition included the Video games Creative AwardsThe awards were presented by Néstor Santana, Business and Brand Disruptor at MAPFRE, a creativity awards about the video game industry looking for strategy, disruption and formats used. They were presented by Néstor Santana, Business and Brand Disruptor at MAPFRE. These awards provided visibility to advertising projects developed between September 2022 and September 2023, involving prominent brands such as Coca-Cola, Gucci, HBO, Heineken, among others. The winner of the gold joystick was G2A.COM.thanks to their campaign in which they launched a graphic design contest with Artificial Intelligence. In this way they managed to merge new technologies with creativity, allowing them to connect in a direct and gamified way with their community.

Attendees were able to immerse themselves in a 360º experience, as they enjoyed exploring the wonders of Ibiza, both in terms of tourism and gastronomy. All this allowed guests to connect with each other and enrich each other, both personally and professionally, in wonderful and unparalleled environments and places.

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Special thanks to Consell de Ibiza not only for its support as an official sponsor, but also for its vision and understanding of the importance of the video game industry and new forms of digital entertainment. It is hoped that this fruitful collaboration will continue in the future, opening up new opportunities and exploring the boundaries in this exciting industry.

Marketing & Gaming Ibiza Edition stood out for returning to the essence of more intimate and disruptive events, a trend that had not been experienced for a long time and was missed.

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