Advantages and disadvantages of #OscarsFanFavorite: the “best movie” of 2021 will surprise you

With the launch of the new #OscarsFanFavorite initiative, fans rushed to vote for their favorite movie on Twitter. The result was not at all expected, the winner being a film that was not so well received by critics.

The production of “Cinderella” (“Cinderella”) was released last year on Amazon Prime Video. The film was directed by Kay Cannon, who was also responsible for the blockbuster omedia. The film received a lot of negative reviews from film critics. However, fans are of a different opinion.

#OscarsFanFavorite puts “Cinderalla” in first place, in fan preferences

On the occasion of the new #OscarsFanFavorite campaign, fans were able to vote, via a tweet, for the film they consider worthy of the Oscars. They had a choice between any film released between March 1 and December 31, 2021. The rules imposed a maximum of 20 votes per day, for each fan. In addition, three of those who voted in the campaign will have the opportunity to participate in the Los Angeles Oscars to hand out the statuette, and will be chosen by lot.

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As expected, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” would have had a great chance to become the favorite movie of the fans, in the context of the #OscarsFanFavorite campaign, as the Marvel film was a success both at the box office and among critics. Not only did this not happen, but in the first place it brought a film that, at first glance, had no chance of doing so. “Cinderella” is currently a fan favorite movie.

#OscarsFanFavorite is intended to be a resurgence of the Oscars rating, as in recent years the awarding of these awards has not been so successful among younger fans – not as in the past, at least. Therefore, the Academy wanted to include in the discussion “in the discussion” the new generation, wanting a rejuvenation of the brand.

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Obviously, although the strategy seems to work, there are side effects as well: the inclusion of a seemingly “bad” movie among the best films of 2021.

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