Acer prepares its debut in the electric bike market with ebii, a bike for the daily commute

The Acer ebii is different from other electric bikes, with the electric motor installed on the front wheel.

Safer and more comfortable than electric scooters, the alternative presented by electric bikes is rapidly growing in popularity, with the market already almost saturated with models to suit all tastes and pockets. Known more for its laptop and PC offerings, it will try to make its presence felt in this market as well, hoping that the well-known brand will give it a competitive edge.

And lest the association with the PC market be completely irrelevant, Acer ebii will come bundled with ebiiGO, a smartphone app that will display real-time information about battery charge level and remaining range, route suggestions for the selected route, travel time and speed. Also from your smartphone, you’ll be able to lock/unlock your e-bike and receive alerts if the built-in anti-theft alarm is triggered while you’re away. Plus, like recent generation cars, the Acer ebii will automatically unlock when you approach, with the phone in your pocket acting as an electronic key.

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Also on the list of ready-made features are collision sensors, omnidirectional warning/signalling lights and tubeless tyres, which exclude the possibility of a flat tyre on the track.

Acer does not say at what price it will ship the new ebi or the regions covered in the first launch wave. However, judging by the appearance of a compact city bike, unflattering and with no obvious ambitions on the performance side, the cost could be in the $500-$800 range, with the upper tier opening up access to fat-bike models with substantial fan bases that won’t be too easily swayed to products from semi-anonymous brands in the ebike market.

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