A VFX artist “hits the ground running” with Marvel: what he had to say about working with the giant

A VFX artist has described the difficult working conditions Marvel has perpetuated in its recent productions.

Marvel is perhaps the strongest force in the film industry at the moment, thanks to its huge box office receipts and an ever-expanding range of television series on Disney+.

Recently, Marvel has come under intense scrutiny from fans due to declining VFX quality. When footage from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was unveiled, fans criticized its computer-generated face and poor quality animation.

Marvel, a tough customer

Marvel has also been criticized for using green screens excessively, which gives the impression that characters are glued into the scene. Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi appeared in a video for Vanity Fair in which he “mocked” the inconsistency in his film’s CGI work.

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Recently, an unnamed VFX artist spoke to Vulture about his collaboration with Marvel. The artist describes the relationship with Marvel Studios as flawed, stating that there is an incentive to keep the studio happy at all costs. If a special effects company doesn’t deliver or rejects a request, it’s threatened, he says.

“A month or two before a movie comes out, Marvel may ask us to change the entire third act and ask us to do it in record time, which is hard to do. So yeah, I just can’t say that this collaboration is one we like.

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Some of the problems I mentioned are universal to every show and every project. However, you end up doing less overtime on other serials,” he told the aforementioned publication.

The same statement also noted that the giant would be an extremely aggressive client, making the collaboration a difficult and extremely challenging one.

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