You can buy a real Formula One mobile home –

If you have ever wanted to live in the fancy glass houses Formula 1 teams set up in the paddock of a Grand Prix site, and then operate at the event during their stay, we have great news for you.

Because an actual F1 mobile home is currently up for auction on eBay, with this being the former motorhome of the Force India team (which was converted to Aston Martin a few seasons ago). The mobile home is in for a starting price of €500,000, and anyone interested in making a bid can go to Lower Saxony, Germany, to tour the property before making a final decision.

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The house offers an interior with sleeping areas, a kitchen, bathrooms with showers and toilets, a reception area, an office, and the description also mentions that the “is ready for any trip.”.

Would you live in an F1 mobile home?

You can buy a real Formula 1 mobile home

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