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It will not have escaped any gaming fanatic’s notice that in Grand Theft Auto you can visit a real casino. On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But what happens when we proclaim that you can gamble there, too? Then the game takes a completely different turn. Yet this progression does not sound strange to our ears. In fact, we see virtual casinos in video games more and more often.

Play-to-earn games

Play-to-earn is a blockchain concept. Now you will probably say, “blockchain and play-to-earn” what does this really all mean. I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

Blockchain can be described as a series of packets filled with data. Each packet holds information. This could be a money transaction or even a bill of sale. Once a transaction occurs between two or more people, a chain is formed (blockchain). Moreover, the transaction happens anonymously and the concept: ‘casino pay with phone bill’ will soon be replaced with crypto deposits. At least, this is what we see now in the international online casino market. Besides, no one can undo or change this transaction. On the other side is the play-to-earn concept.

The play-to-earn model is mostly found in various video games. In fact, today’s video games consist of more than just a character and the goal of finishing the game as quickly as possible. In fact, in The Sims and Second Life, developers drag you into unprecedented player experiences. By clicking here, you will learn all the basics of online casino and then be better prepared to play play-to-earn games. This is not to say that there is only money to be made in play-to-earn video games. There is also the possibility of buying gifts or weapons for your characters. In this way, you optimize the avatars and the characters become stronger.

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Play-to-earn video games are also a great way to earn extra money. In countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, they are even described as careers. Using this example, everything becomes clearer. A normal worker in the Philippines or other Southeast Asian country earns an average of 200 euros per month. For this, this particular person has to work more than eight hours daily in sometimes deplorable conditions.

The Play-to-earn model allows the same person to earn the same amount, and often much more. Indeed, from a home situation and through an Internet connection, he braves numerous battles with various avatars.

Discover the virtual world

Taking Second Life for granted, we see that it is a meeting place for visitors. Guests can go to music concerts or watch a motion picture. The possibilities are endless …

For example, should you go to a meeting or attend a gathering, you still want to look good. Fortunately, you can find a large marketplace selling everything. From the hippest clothes, to the latest tech gadgets, nothing is too much. Because say it yourself: ‘the-clothes-make-the-man’.

By the way, the virtual world also has its own economy. As in the normal world, inflation can occur and companies go bankrupt. In Second Life, this phenomenon is no different. The virtual currency, namely the Linden Dollar (L$), can be purchased through various platforms. With this asset, you can also buy real estate, start a business or simply play a game of skill. In fact, virtual gambling is not allowed in Second Life. At least, if it is a game of luck, such as lotteries or slot machines. A game of skill, on the other hand, is allowed. This is why play-to-earn games are so unprecedentedly popular.

That developers are thinking “out of the box” is a fact. Indeed, through these virtual worlds, players can start a totally new life and say goodbye to the current one.

Our final verdict

Visiting virtual casinos through video games is becoming increasingly popular. Still, I personally think that play-to-earn games and buying real estate is creating a stronger rise. After all, in today’s world, housing prices are hugely expensive and in the virtual world, land can be bought for next to nothing. Whether the concept of the Metaverse will catch on at all remains a pipe dream for now. But one thing is certain, there is something new on the horizon.

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