This is what the multi-billionaire tweets when he feels unobserved

Elon Musk's second account provides unwanted insights.

Elon Musk’s second account provides unwanted insights.

Elon Musk does not keep his opinion on Twitter behind the mountain. But what does the multi-billionaire post when he feels completely unobserved. He gives the answer himself, albeit involuntarily.

A screenshot shared by Musk not only shows his main Twitter account, but also another account that Musk appears to have access to. This was noticed by Twitter user DogeDesigner, who promptly shared his discovery:

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Shortly thereafter, Musk confirmed the discovery by replying to the post: You’d never guess it’s me!

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It didn’t take long to find the account shown on the screenshot. Under Elon Test, the owner of the short message service apparently tweets when he doesn’t want to share his opinion with the general public.

Shortly after the discovery, a whole series of posts were found in online forums making fun of the billionaire’s behavior. Because apparently Musk acts on the account as if he were his two-year-old son X Æ A-12, asks other users about it and makes fun of his ex-wife Grimes. The singer and Musk separated in March 2022 after the birth of their child.

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But Musk also stands out on his second account with negative statements that go beyond his own family. He asks another user if he likes Japanese girls and responds to a sexualizing image of former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison I love librarians.

There are several points about the above reaction from Musk himself that indicate that the account is actually Musk’s. The account follows several people with whom Musk maintains a friendly or collegial relationship. The account picture also shows Musk’s son, Son X Æ A-12.

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