A girl from Ukraine, in the shelter, sings “Let it Go”, from “Frozen”: the reaction of the songwriter

A clip posted on Twitter, in which we can see a little girl in a shelter in Kyiv, singing the famous song from “Frozen”, “Let it Go”, went viral on social networks.

The famous recording reached the songwriter, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who declared herself “moved to tears” both by the situation of the girl, who is in a shelter, in the context of the Russian bombing of the Ukrainian capital, and by the interpretation the child who “brings light into souls and is meant to heal anyone who listens to her.”

The recording can be listened to here:

The reaction of Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the composer of the song “Let it Go”, from Frozen

The author, in turn, shared the recording, stating on Twitter: “My dear little girl with such a beautiful voice, my husband and I wrote this song in an attempt to heal my family of pain. The way you interpret it is magical and is meant to heal anyone who listens to it. Don’t stop singing! We listen to you! ”

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The video highlights the impact that the invasion of Ukraine has on ordinary people, but especially on children, who are ultimately not to blame. While the little girl sings, everyone in the shelter, regardless of age, stops doing everything they can to listen to her. Indeed, we are talking about a brief moment of “normalcy” in a sea of ​​chaos.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband wrote all the songs in “Frozen” (2013), as well as those in the sequel that appeared in 2019. Among those songs was “Let it Go”, which was performed in the film by Idina Menzel, an actress played as Elsa.

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The song won the Oscar for Best Original Song and quickly became one of Disney’s most iconic and beloved songs.

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