Oppo phones receive spy camera detection, which is very useful when you go on holiday

Color OS-based phones receive a new feature for spy camera detection, helping users protect their privacy when using hosting services.

Far from being an infallible technology, the detector uses the wireless connection of the phone to detect any suspicious devices, alerting the user. However, if the device is adapted for local recording (eg memory card, or wired surveillance camera), Oppo phones will not be able to detect it automatically, as unsuccessful detection leaves users with a false sense of security.

This feature, starting with Color OS 12.1, only appears on Oppo flagship phones, taking the form of an optional setting for frequent travelers. Once checked, the detection of suspicious devices with wireless connection works whenever the Wi-Fi support is turned on and, at the risk of possible false alarms, will alert you as soon as you enter a potentially monitored room, such as a test booth or public restroom. .

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Once the presence of a spy camera is suspected, the application will instruct the user to turn on and off the light in that room, using the phone’s camera to detect those cameras with infrared lighting. At the same time, the level of the detected signal is used to direct the search to a specific location.

However, especially for hotel stays or other places where you can’t rely too much on manual inspection of objects that may obscure hidden devices, such as ventilation grilles, mirrors, clocks and radios, TVs, screws, and suspicious holes. applied to furniture bodies, it must remain a ritual to be followed on every occasion.

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