A controversial oil deal with a US company once again pits the president and prime minister of Somalia

MADRID, Feb. 20 (Royals Blue) –

The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has declared illegal a controversial oil agreement signed five days ago with a US company and which, according to the Minister for Oil, Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, had the support of the country’s president, Mohamed Abdulahi. Farmajo’, right now facing his prime minister on a wide variety of issues, and who in recent hours has also rejected this signature.

The deal, signed with the Texas-based company Coastline Exploration Ltd, was heralded by the Oil Minister as a “great victory for the Somali people” despite a decree signed by Farmajo banning such negotiations. until the electoral process in the country, now postponed for a year, to protect its natural resources, is not over.

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The fact is that the Minister for Oil even publicly thanked ‘Farmajo’ for “the encouragement in this task” of the firm, as announced on his Twitter account. However, shortly after the signing, the prime minister declared the agreement illegal and unnecessary because it was not carried out through a “legal course”, before warning that he will take the pertinent measures to “protect national resources”, collects the Garowe Online portal.

Immediately afterwards, ‘Farmajo’ also distanced himself from the issue with a statement in which he described the agreement as “null and void” for contravening the August presidential decree on the signing of agreements during the electoral process.

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In a subsequent interview with the Somali Voice of America service, the Somali Oil Minister insisted that ‘Farmajo’ was aware of the agreement but acknowledged that he could have changed his mind at the last moment “because of social pressure.”

Garowe Online sources conclude that the Texas company, founded in 2018, has no experience working in the hydrocarbons sector.

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