Zelensky denounces the Russian offensive in Kiev and compares it to the Nazi attack in 1941

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – -/Ukrainian Presidency/dpa

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He says that the sanctions against Moscow are insufficient and criticizes that Ukraine “defends itself”


The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has denounced this Friday the Russian military offensive against the capital, Kiev, and has compared these operations with the attack of Nazi Germany in 1941, while stressing that Russian forces are attacking civilian targets in the city.

“Bombings, a house hit, a fire. All this is reminiscent of the first such attack on our capital, which took place in 1941,” Zelensky said, referring to Nazi Germany’s offensive against Ukraine during World War II. .

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dimitro Kuleba, has also confirmed on his official Twitter profile that there would have been explosions in Kiev on Friday night. “Horrible Russian rocket attacks on Kiev. The last time our capital experienced something like this was in 1941, when it was attacked by Nazi Germany,” he has said.

Thus, Zelenski has stressed that the Russian authorities “say that civilian objects are not a target for them.” “It’s a lie. In fact, they do not distinguish the areas in which they operate,” denounced the Ukrainian president, who pointed out that “the Army and civilians are equally under Russian attack.”

“The objective of this attack is to put pressure on the citizens of Ukraine, to put pressure on the whole of society. I emphasize: Not only the government, all Ukrainians. Today more than yesterday,” he stressed, before pointing to “terrible explosions” at first thing in the day in Kiev.

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Zelenski has also pointed out that the Ukrainian forces “did not allow the enemy to materialize their operational plans for invasion during the first day” and has praised the “heroism” of the Ukrainians. “The enemy was stopped in most directions,” he reiterated.

“Ukrainian air defense forces are protecting our skies as much as possible. Enemy aircraft are treacherously operating in residential areas, including the capital,” he said. “This morning we are defending our state alone, just like yesterday,” she criticized.

In this sense, he lamented that “the most powerful forces in the world are watching from afar” and pointed out that the sanctions imposed so far against Moscow are insufficient. “Did yesterday’s sanctions convince Russia? What we hear in our skies and see on our land is that it is not enough,” she said.

“Foreign troops are still trying to be more active on our territory. Only the solidarity and determination of Ukrainians can preserve our freedom and protect the state,” argued Zelenski, who has asked the population “to stop the enemy wherever viewed”.

“The fate of Ukraine depends only on the Ukrainians. No one but you will be able to control your lives. We are on our land, the truth is on our side. It will not be possible to destroy our way of being. Kalibr missiles are defenseless against our freedom,” has argued.

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In another order of things, he has insisted that Russia “will have to speak sooner or later” with the Ukrainian authorities. “Talk about how to end the fighting and stop this invasion. The sooner these talks start, the less Russia’s losses will be,” she said.

Finally, he has applauded the protests in several Russian cities against the invasion. “Last night they started shelling residential areas in the heroic city of Kiev. This reminds me of 1941. To the Russian citizens who came out to protest. We see you. This means that you have heard us and that you are beginning to trust us. Fight for us. Fight against the war”, has settled.

For their part, the Russian authorities announced on Thursday that they will crack down on any unauthorized demonstrations on their territory. Outside the Russian borders, peaceful protests have been registered in various cities around the world.

Subsequently, Zelenski has posted a message on his account on the social network Twitter in which he has insisted that Ukraine “defends its freedom and its land” and has called for “effective international aid”. “I have discussed this with (Polish President) Andrzej Duda,” he said.

“I have asked the Bucharest Nine — NATO’s Eastern European wing — for help with defense, sanctions and pressure on the aggressor. Together, we have to bring Russia to the negotiating table. We need a coalition against the war”, he stressed.

Zelenski has also confirmed a conversation with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to address the “treacherous attacks” against Kiev. “Today, Ukraine needs the support of partners more than ever. We call for effective countermeasures against Russia. Sanctions must be strengthened,” he said.

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