Zelenski bets on inflicting greater damage on Russian troops to bring forward the end of the war

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said Wednesday that the only way for the Russian invasion of Ukraine to end sooner is to inflict more damage on the Russian Army on the front line.

“The more losses the occupiers take, the sooner we will be able to liberate our land and ensure the security of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian president has maintained, adding that the end of the war is not “a matter of time,” but “a matter of the losses suffered by Russia.”

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Zelensky has stressed the importance for “all those who defend Ukraine” to think about how to inflict “the greatest possible losses on the occupiers to make the war time shorter.”

“If almost 43,000 dead Russian soldiers do not convince the Russian leadership that they need to find a way out of the war, then more fighting is needed, more results are needed to convince,” the Ukrainian head of state has added.

In this regard, he has detailed that this Thursday a conference of defense ministers of the Ukrainian partners will take place in Copenhagen where they will discuss how to provide more support to Ukraine, including military support.

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“I am grateful to all our partners who understand that only by ensuring the defeat of Russia on the battlefield (…) they can bring the return of security for Ukraine and the whole of Europe closer. The more weapons Ukraine receives, the more military, technical and financial support, the sooner our people and all Europeans will be able to experience peace and stability in life again,” Zelenski added.

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