YouWin Media Group announces the birth of Yoigo Phygital_Hub

YouWinMedia Group held last Thursday a presentation event before advertisers, agencies and major players in the world of advertising, digital entertainment and disruptive trends, in the space that the company manages, the Phygital_Hub, where they showed the news and lines of action that the company will develop in the coming months.

The event, which was attended by about 200 guestsbegan with the welcome and words of the President of the organization, José Luis Sáinz, who introduced the main areas and lines of business to give way to Adolfo Pastor, CEO of YouWinMedia, who spoke about “the main areas and lines of business of YouWinMedia”.the good situation of the company“, and how its objective is “to place brands at the center to connect them with their audiences.“, and delved into the business vertical known as Ad_Net, an area that “will collaborate with major advertising publishers in optimizing their advertising inventory and developing commercial strategies.“. Among other projects, he highlighted the ‘Proximity Sales’ unit, a line of advertising for the local market that has started in Madrid and will progressively incorporate new cities until full national expansion.

The second vertical of the Group, Trends, is fundamental for the positioning and differentiation of the company and will be led by the Trends Director, Alfonso Verdugo, who was also in charge of communicating what is the content of his area, which ranges from everything related to digital entertainment to the so-called disruptive trends (Web3, Metaverse, immersive technologies…) and how “work with agencies and large advertisers in brand activation strategies and development of new business models.“.

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This division has a team of professionals with extensive experience in these industries, focused primarily on generating high value-added operations for brands and engagement with younger audiences.

Celia Diaz-Liaño, HUB Manager of Yoigo Phygital_HUB, was in charge of telling attendees what kind of events and content will take place in the space that the Group operates, which “will range from third party events (Kick-offs, Press Conferences, Product Presentations…) to activations for brands, events aimed at the gamer and digital community, training and dissemination cycles and a long etcetera.“.

In addition, the HUB has an exhibition hall (Phygital Gallery by Piera&Silvo) “where young and established artists will address themes that focus on generation Z, social and communicative digitalization and new habits of the 21st century.“, and a Content & Bootcamp Area that will be “a space designed for the meeting of professional esports teams as well as the generation of streaming content.“.

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The presentation event was held in an environment prone to networking among great professionals from the advertising industry, communication, marketing agencies and players in the world of digital entertainment and disruptive trends.

Before the farewell, which gave way to a cocktail among the guests, and as a final colophon, it was announced the unexpected surprise to all attendees that the Phygital_HUB would be renamed from that very moment as the YOIGO Phygital_HUB announcing the agreement reached with the MASMOVIL Group for its main brand, Yoigo, to become a Naming Partner of this space that will be a place for events and projects around digital culture with an area of more than 1.200m2 located in the modern Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés (C/ Doctor Fourquet nº29).

For this purpose, Ana Torres, Brand Director of MASMOVIL Group, was invited to the stage and she dedicated a few words about her company and the excitement of the project and assured: “The Yoigo Phygital_ HUB is a project aligned with the purpose of the brand, ́repensar y actuar para que todos
win , with which we hope to facilitate experiences and learning from this new moment we are living in business, social and cultural and that will have its meeting point here.

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