First major update ready for strategic Sci-Fi VR shooter ‘Guardians Frontline’ – That’s Gaming

Fast Travel Games and developer VirtualAge Games today released the first major update for the strategic sci-fi VR shooter Guardians Frontline. The free “Vehicles & Tech Update” changes the way players manage units and maneuver across the battlefield with more weapons, vehicles and tech tree upgrades. The update also adds a lava biome, bug-hole environments, more map editor tools and unique avatars. Purchase Guardians Frontline from the Meta Quest Store and Steam.

“Our Guardians have been hard at work defending the Federation and creating their own epic maps for the community following the game’s launch earlier this year,” said Carles Ballabriga, CEO of VirtualAge Games. “Like our players, we have worked diligently to further shape and refine the game following invaluable feedback. This is a major update that improves the basic gameplay and adds tons of new content that newcomers and veterans alike will enjoy.”

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In Guardians Frontline, players must defend the Federation from an enemy attack while trying to mine a mysterious energy source. Players take on the role of both soldier and commander and must fend off alien forces with a mix of powerful weapons on the ground and powerful ships from the air. With single player, co-op and PvP modes, players can go in alone or with a unit.

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