The Carice TC2 wants to be the most adorable electric car –

As electric vehicles become more commonplace, we see unique companies emerging and offering their own take on the EV space. The latest to join this fray is Italian manufacturer Carice, which has created a car vying for the right to be called the most adorable EV on the market.

Known as the Carice TC2, this small two-seater is designed to let its driver and passenger escape and ” forget the daily hassles”.

Since this is an all-electric car, it produces no emissions and since it weighs only 630 kg, it also promises a sporty ride, reflecting its appearance as a car you would want to cruise along Italian coastal roads. The battery also claims to offer 300 km of range on a single charge.

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If you are interested in a Carice TC2, the car is available today and sells for a starting price of €44,500, and because it complies with all European regulations, you can drive it around any country in the EU that follows those regulations.

The Carice TC2 aims to become the most adorable electric car

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