YouTuber tried to send packages to North Korea

Three AirTags were supposed to arrive in North Korea, but did they?  (Source: adobe.stock Harvepino)

Three AirTags were supposed to arrive in North Korea, but did they? (Source: adobe.stock / Harvepino)

North Korea is one of the most isolated countries on earth. You can only get in under strict supervision and as a citizen you can even face the death penalty if you try to escape from your own country.

YouTuber MegaLag asked himself: Can you send a package to North Korea? – and tried to do just that. To keep track of his experiment, he sent an Apple AirTag to North Korea.

Package 1: Stuck in Frankfurt

MegaLag addressed the first package with the tracker to the German Embassy in Pyongyang and handed it in in Düsseldorf. He was interested in the route his shipment would take before it got there.

The package didn’t get far.

Luckily for him, Apple’s AirTags have a long battery life and his shipment was stuck in the DHL warehouse in Frankfurt for a month. He then launched an investigation, which according to the company could have lasted up to two months.

Parcel 1 never left Germany.

Package 2: Stranded in the wrong Korea

Actually intended to find the house key again: Apple's AirTag.  (Source: ink drop -

Actually intended to find the house key again: Apple’s AirTag. (Source: ink drop –

MegaLag didn’t want to wait two months, so he sent another package on its way. This time he chose the North Korean Government Commission as his address.

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Lo and behold! It only took a few days for the package with the AirTag to show up in a warehouse in South Korea – and stay there. Apparently DHL delivered to the wrong Korea and then reported the shipment as lost.

In the meantime, the first package, which was actually considered stranded in Frankfurt, turned up again – namely in Beijing, on the other side of the globe. Why? No idea. The YouTuber was compensated by DHL for both programs.

Package 3: To South Korea and back

All good things come in threes. So MegaLag sent the third and final shipment to North Korea with an AirTag inside. This was sent back to South Korea and then returned to Germany. However, the YouTuber never received the package.

The new info this time: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pyongyang refused all packages from abroad (the experiment took place in 2022).

If you want to hear the whole experiment from the YouTuber’s point of view, you can do so here:

Link to YouTube content

AirTag is successful where the parcel service failed

Ultimately, it was not possible to answer whether you can send a package to North Korea from Germany. DHL did not manage to deliver one of the three shipments there.

What the experiment proves, however: the effectiveness of the AirTags. MegaLag always knew where his packages were and was able to confront DHL with them. Although the company had stated that packages had been lost, they were still in a warehouse or were shipped on to another country. The balance sheet for the environment? devastating.

MegaLag has requested relevant responses from DHL. This resulted in a whole essay on how the postal industry works and where there is room for improvement. You can also find the whole video on his channel.

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AirTags are actually intended to help you find your keys or backpack. Sometimes even gangsters can be convicted with it.

Starting with the question of whether you can send a package to North Korea from Germany, it became an odyssey about lost packages. The AirTags show how many packages are flying around senselessly in world history. What do you use your tracking devices for other than wallets and keys? Have you personally experienced how AirTags can save the day? Write it in the comments.

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