Google adds support for tracking parcels directly in Gmail client

Google has announced a Gmail update that will ease users’ effort with tracking parcels expected for delivery in Black Friday campaigns and beyond.

Taking advantage of the fact that most courier companies inform their customers via email about the status of parcels awaiting delivery, Google will add a dedicated function for tracking parcels, accessible directly from the Gmail interface. Specifically, the function will track details such as the tracking number of parcels mentioned in incoming emails, centralising this information in an easy-to-follow interface. At the same time, the platform’s algorithms will be able to predict key milestones such as estimated delivery time and possible delays, adding the relevant information to the email already received in the Inbox.

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So if an email contains a parcel tracking number, Gmail will display it as a priority right in the description of that message, complete with an estimated delivery date or other suggestive description such as “arrives tomorrow” or “delivered.”

When you open the message, you’ll also find information such as the product name and delivery dates, complete with the package description as added by the sender. The details will also include a timeline of the order’s progress, with direct links to “Track Package” and “Order Information”, displayed directly on the courier company’s website.

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Of course, for this functionality to be available requires some level of cooperation between Google and the courier companies, with the accuracy of the information available varying from case to case and region to region.

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