Pudgy Toys : NFT Pudgy Penguins get physical toys

Pudgy Penguins marketed physical toys in the effigy of his collection from NFT. This is the first time that the NFT and the blockchain will be presented at the general publicthe startup claims.

While the crypto winter is in full swing, the Pudgy Penguins, 8888 NFT representatives of cute penguins, explore new lands outside the Web3.

Last night, the startup of the same name behind the popular collection announced the launch of Pudgy Toys.

Pudgy Toysof the physical toys “general public” and under ” community license “, are offered for sale on Amazon. Each toy, 16 models in all, is priced between $5 and $35 and comes with a “digital experience” related to Pudgy Worlda meeting and game space designed for the occasion allowing Pudgy Toys owners to create personalized avatars in NFT format: “ Forever Pudgy Penguin “.

This will be the first time that NFTs and blockchain technology will be introduced to the everyday consumer in a transparent and non-intimidating way,” trumpets Pudgy Penguins.

Pudgy World thus allows the non-Web3 native public to get their hands on its “first ever blockchain wallet, Soulbound NFT, and Tradeables NFT” by providing only an email address. The mint (gasless) process is powered by Polygon and the marketplace for customizing avatars is based on Origin Protocolaccording to the announcement.

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Earlier this month, the NFT collection purchased last year by Netz Capital closed a $9 million financing round led by 1kx.

In a recent interview with TechcrunchLuca Netz, the boss of Netz Capital, said that physical toys are like a “ Trojan horse “for the Web3 ecosystem.

Unfortunately, NFT revenues are not sustainable and can’t really grow. Secondly, we wanted to create intellectual property that transcends this ecosystem,” he added, noting that the owners of the 16 selected Pudgy Penguins received a royalty from each sale.

Today, the floor price of the NFT Pudgy Penguins is approximately 4.8 ethersaccording to NFTpricefloorup nearly 5% over 24 hours.

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