Adobe Photoshop gets a new AI feature –

Adobe has just released a new trailer for its upcoming AI integration into Photoshop. The new feature is called Generative Fill and unlike many AI tools right now, it doesn’t seem like a terrifying glimpse into our near future or a useless piece of technical garbage.

Essentially, Generative Fill allows you to select an area within a layer on Photoshop and type what you want in the image. Anything from yellow road markings to hippos can be brought in using AI technology.

Scott Belsky, an Adobe designer, said the following about the new tool: “It’s an exciting era for creativity. This technology enables more people to feel confident creating, while also saving time and unlocking more cycles of discovery and opportunity for professionals.”

See more about Generative Fill here. It is currently in a beta phase, but already seems to be incredibly impressive.

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Adobe Photoshop gets a new AI feature

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