YouTuber discovers walled-in USB stick – and connects his laptop to it

USB sticks can not only be very practical, but also contain malware. Therefore, it is usually not a good idea to use a USB stick whose contents you do not know.

However, this potentially looks very different if you are a tech YouTuber like Mr. Easter. In such a case, a USB stick protruding from the wall is actually a godsend. We like to jump into it, too, because it’s all so gloriously pointless, as we’ll see in a moment.

Apropos gloriously pointless: The same applies to our series of useless experiments with PC hardware. Topic of the last episode: What happens if you connect 14 mice to a PC at the same time?. In the linked article you will also find a list of all other episodes in the series.

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An unexpected find

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According to mryeester, he unexpectedly noticed a bricked-in USB stick in a brick wall. As great as the curiosity that is aroused by this may be, we cannot generally recommend connecting a laptop to such a USB stick.

The YouTuber did it anyway, of course, but in this case there’s probably nothing to worry about. As seen in the video embedded above, once plugged in, all that happens is an image of a brick wall popping up on the desktop.

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As long as the PC doesn’t go unnoticed in the background, it’s a harmless, almost philosophical joke. After all, what other content should be found on a walled-in USB stick if not a (virtual) wall?

We hope this entertaining story entertained you as much as it did us. Could you have held back your curiosity and not tried the USB stick? Or would you have become weak like the YouTuber – assuming you had a suitable notebook nearby? And do you know any other curiosities of this kind from the tech universe? Let us know in the comments!

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